The saga of the lost connection

On Thursday night, we lost our internet connection, apropos of nothing. So I called my ISP’s tech support, and they ran me through a few things, then suggested I try a different modem.

On Friday, I went and bought a new modem. Still no luck. Called tech support again, they ran through a few other things, then said they’d send out a technician.

Today, technician came. Detected that one wire was slightly corroded and may have been causing a short on the line. However the removal of that wire did not fix the problem. We called ISP’s tech support, ran through a few more things, still nothing. Technician suggested trying old modem.


New modem, fucked. Old modem, fine. One wire, slightly corroded. I’m back online.


3 thoughts on “The saga of the lost connection

  1. Cameron says:

    Silly question really – with the old modem in the first place, did you try…

    Turning it Off and On Again?

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