Taking a metaphorical plunge

That’s me up on the wall, with Andrew on the ropes. (Chantell took the photo.)

Rock climbing is something I’ve wanted to do, on and off, for many years. It’s a desire that was rarely expressed and never acted upon, indeed it was nearly forgotten. Until a few weeks ago, when I watched Cliffhanger. And then I was like, oh yeah, rock climbing!

So I googled, and I found Hard Rock Climbing Company, who run beginner courses for those of us who had never done it before. So I gathered together my unsuspecting friends, Andrew and Chantell, and off we went!

Andrew had been climbing before, but not for a long time. Chantell and I were complete newbies. So I think we were all a little bit nervous, but in the capable hands of our instructors we were soon swarming up and down those walls like… well, like slightly nervous newbies, to be honest, but we got better and better as we went on! The three of us have agreed to do it again, maybe semi-regularly, and I’m looking forward to getting better at it!

5 thoughts on “Taking a metaphorical plunge

  1. Terrence Diamantis says:

    The all important question is “Was there a Street Fighter arcade machine at the rock climbing place?” That was easily the best thing about the last time I went rock climbing!

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