Getting out of the house

I am, by habit and inclination, a solitary and sedentary person. I’m quite happy to sit inside at my computer, or with a book. It generally requires an invitation from somebody else before I will go out. So sometimes I forget how important, and how fun, it is to actually go out and do things, especially for children.

Yesterday Elspeth and I bestirred ourselves to go out and see a couple of friends and their young children. Despite the cold, we went to a park and playground, where it was wet and muddy. With a few balls brought by Emma, the playground equipment, and their imaginations, the four kids had a fantastic time and completely wore themselves out over a three hour period.

On a side note, I observed that Elspeth’s social skills are getting better again; she referred to almost everybody present by name, and addressed people directly.

But it wasn’t just the kids who had fun. When you go out with other parents, especially those whose kids are around the same age as yours, your discussions have an element of sympathy and understanding. We are all doing the same things: parenting and studying, and looking to the future! I enjoy the chat, I enjoy the time out with friends, almost as much as Elspeth does!

One thought on “Getting out of the house

  1. Kez says:

    It’s good to get out, isn’t it! I like to try and get my Little Mister out into fresh air or into the company of other people (big or little) at least once a day. I am probably a bit too extreme in my own head (hopefully no-one’s noticed). A day in makes me paranoid that I won’t tire him out enough or that he’ll die of boredom which is silly. It’s all about balance and sometimes getting a break from the not-done housework and the same 4 walls can be a mental health lifesaver 🙂

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