How naked is too naked?

As I stepped out of the shower this morning, I heard a knock at my front door: a delivery man with a parcel I’d been expecting. The timing of the knock, though, threw me into a frenzy of indecision. How naked was too naked to answer the door? I had a towel around me; technically that covered all the bits that needed covering. On the other hand, that doesn’t count as being dressed, therefore it’s naked. Perhaps a dressing gown? More modest, but I would still know I had nothing underneath, even if the delivery man couldn’t tell.

Oddly enough, I think I would have felt comfortable in just the towel, if it weren’t for anxiety about how he might react to that. One never knows how another person will take something, and it might have horribly embarrassed him to see a strange woman in nothing but a towel. It’s the sort of thing you expect on a fine day at the beach, but seems totally out of place on a cold wet day during the course of your normal job!

Eventually, dithering throughout, I yelled through the door to give me a second. I got dressed in lightening speed, ran back to the door, opened it… and he was gone, leaving only the parcel and my back-to-front t-shirt to show he’d ever been.

So I’m interested to know your thoughts. What would you do? Is there an etiquette for these scenarios? Exactly how naked is too naked between strangers?


9 thoughts on “How naked is too naked?

  1. Cameron says:

    HaHa as long as your bits were covered you weren’t naked. The danger with a towel is that it comes unfastened at an inappropriate time thereby exposing you rather than not covering you.
    I’m sure deliverypersons see people in various states of undress all the time and unless you suspect you’ve found yourself in a 70’s porn movie answering the door clad in a towel or even a neck to ankle fur coat shouldn’t illicit any reaction other than “here’s your package madam.”

    Wait, even that sounds rude if you only have a towel on – perhaps you were right to get dressed.

  2. Eh, I would probably have been uncomfortable answering the door in a towel. I am generally in PJs around the house, and if someone comes round, I shout at them that I need a moment, and I very quickly throw some clothes on.

  3. Kez says:

    I swear delivery people always arrive when it’s least convenient – you’re naked, you’re changing a nappy or some such thing! I always run about trying to get ‘decent’ but I always miss the guy. I know this is paranoid but I want to be really covered up because you just don’t know who the person is and don’t want them to get any ‘ideas’ while you’re vulnerable.

  4. sybaritica says:

    Too naked is when they run screaming into the night… I hate when that happens!

  5. loseitbig says:

    It would have made his day. I am guessing but I am sure he has seen a lot more at some of his deliveries. Guys like having something like this to brighten our days.

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