The most amusing thing

I love parenting, I really do. There are all sorts of wonderful things about having kids. But I think my favourite thing, the most amusing thing, is the things I find myself saying, and the things I find myself listening to. Things which, out of context, would range from puzzling to absolutely mind boggling.

“Goat, get out of my wine glass!” I said this evening. Obviously I am required to speak to each toy as though it were sentient, rather than to Elspeth who really controls it. It worked, as Goat immediately got out of my wine glass and started playing on the table instead.

“Evie, stop eating the paddock!” cried Elspeth recently. One simply had to know that a matchbox was a pretend paddock for a toy sheep, and that Evelyn was chewing on it.

“The fish need another chocolate biscuit,” Elspeth tells us quite regularly. She’s referring to the algae biscuit we pop in the tank for the sucking catfish. She is very keen on feeding the fish!

There are more, almost daily, things I hear and say that make me laugh. Being a parent is awesome.

One thought on “The most amusing thing

  1. *chuckle* Well, that makes me grin just reading about it. I can’t wait for my turn!

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