Return to normality

For five weeks, Aidan was on leave from work, at home with us. But as of yesterday, he’s back with his nose to the grindstone, leaving me home with the kids again.

I was kind of dreading it; I’d gotten used to having his constant assistance around the house. He is, and always has been, an excellent housekeeper and father. So I thought being back to normality would be a pain.

But, for the last two days, I find myself coping extraordinarily well. I find that I do more, and more willingly, when I’m alone. I’ve washed dishes and clothes, I’ve taken the kids out, I’ve been shopping, I’ve baked and cooked, I’ve been more active and involved with the kids. And I’ve enjoyed it. Who knows how long it might last, but for the moment I like being a proper housewife again, doing it all myself. I’m even keeping on top of my studies – and it’s exam week for The Fall of the Roman Republic.

The only thing I’ve gotten worse at is drinking my tea. Once again, cups are left going cold, forgotten, as I’m distracted by something else I need to do!


One thought on “Return to normality

  1. Nina says:

    I can’t imagine not having my husband around for days on end. Although I can still sort of relate because even though I work, I have flexible hours so I spend way more time at home with my toddler than my husband. So sometimes many evenings pass where I’m the sole caregiver. It’s exhausting, and I don’t know if I could do it for extended periods of time!

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