Who am I, as a blogger?

I’m not a mummy blogger, but I blog about being a mum. I’m not a foodie blogger, but I blog recipes. I’m not a news blogger, but I blog about news and current events. I’m not a religion blogger, but I blog about religion and Atheism. I’m not a linguistics or language blogger, but I blog about people’s poor use of English.

Maybe I’m really all of those things.

One thing you’ll – hopefully – never see me do is participate in things like ‘Wordless Wednesday’ or ‘Things I know Thursday’.

I really don’t believe in applying labels to myself and defining myself in such a limiting way. I don’t believe in being constrained to a topic. This is my blog, and I’ll be who I am. I’ll blog what I want to on any given day.

Yes, I’m a mother. Yes, I cook gluten free stuff. Yes, I have opinions on news. Yes, I’m an Atheist. Yes, I can spell. I don’t see why all of these things shouldn’t come through in my personal blog.

How do you feel about applying labels to yourself or your blog? Do you find it limiting? Or do you blog only for a specific purpose or message?

4 thoughts on “Who am I, as a blogger?

  1. While atheism and anti-theism play a role in what I blog about, I did not dedicate my blogging to only that. Rather I dedicated it to simply how one atheist sees life. Unless you have a special purpose in your blog, that is what it will end up being.

  2. Andrew says:

    I can imagine you writing, “Things I know: Thursday”. Then, discussing Norse mythology and how Thor has influenced modern religions and culture. While if I had the same topic I would discuss the Thursday in popular culture including Adams, Fforde, and Robert Smith.
    Was my punctuation correct? The Oxford comma was written intentionally.

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