Do humans need to worship something?

Do you agree with everything said by a specific public figure? Buy products only from a specific brand? Believe everything you read in a specific newspaper? Hold a specific book sacred?

You’re guilty!

You’re a fanboy.

Almost everybody does this. Everybody’s got a degree of brand loyalty or fanboyism, although you might not see it in those terms. Almost everybody takes a certain figure or group or even idea and, knowingly or not, worships it.

Are all your suits Armani, or all your clothes from Big W? Do you think all Apple products are amazing, or that Samsung consistently beats them hands down? Do you think Bob Brown is a visionary, or does Tony Abbott inspire your awe?

It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum you fall, which side of the fence you occupy, you’ve almost certainly got an irrational loyalty to something or someone. If you find yourself unable to criticise even a single aspect of something or someone, you might want to look hard at why. Is it really perfect? Or have you convinced yourself of that to justify your worship? How badly do you need something to follow, to cling to? Is it worth the money or time or the lies you spin yourself? What other compromises are you making?

Perhaps the most important question is: Wouldn’t you rather be thinking for yourself and making rational decisions?


What do you think?

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