Photos of the girls, B&W

I’ve been loving black and white photography lately. As much as I love seeing the kids in full colour, with their gorgeous colouring and pretty clothes, I think using black and white can give a lovely feel to a photo. I think you notice the actual lighting and the fall of shadows more in a B&W, whereas it’s easy to be distracted by the brightness in a full colour shot.

3 thoughts on “Photos of the girls, B&W

  1. They’re so gorgeous! I find fantastic photography is made easier by having photogenic subjects. *grin*

  2. Andrew says:

    I think you’re right. Black and white photos seem to draw the viewer’s eyes to the subject of the photo, and in portraits it is easier to pick up the emotion of the subject. Is it just me or does Black and White also give photos more depth? Those are beautiful photos.

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