David Tennant was hot ten years ago. And still. Yes. Still.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. As a result, I missed Doctor Who. It just passed me by. I heard about it, of course, and occasionally thought it might be worth watching, but I just never got around to it. Then I heard that some wonderfully hot guy was going to be playing The Doctor: David Tennant. My response? ‘You mean Campbell from Takin’ Over The Aslyum?’

As far as I can recall, Campbell was my first crush, in the mid-90s. A personable but completely mad resident of an insane asylum in Scotland. What’s not to love? It was something of a surprise to me to learn that the actor had become fashionable sometime around 2005. Me, like something cool, before it was cool? How hipster of me. I admit, by the time everyone else was obsessed with him, I was totally over him.

But recently, I finally got around to buying Doctor Who on DVD. Series two, the first with Tennant as The Doctor. Oh dear, my crush has returned, with a vengeance! I shall have to buy series three…

What do you think?

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