Fitting up

A couple of weeks ago, I did something I never really thought I’d do.

I joined a gym.

I’d been slowly but steadily gaining weight, mostly flab around the tummy, and thought it was time to get serious about getting rid of it, as well as improving my general fitness and strength.

So far, over the two weeks, I’ve been every second day. A trainer has mapped out a workout for me, including cardio and weights. It’s a good mix, and I’ve been really enjoying it.

I’ve already noticed an increase in what I’m able to do; I ride longer and run faster, I can handle more weights on most of the machines.

What hasn’t happened yet is a tummy flab reduction. Maybe it’s too soon, or maybe I need to tweak my diet. By ‘tweak’, I mean ‘stop eating crap’. My diet is a funny thing; all of my actual meals are quite healthy and balanced, and I don’t eat a lot during the day. But after dinner, in the evening, I just compulsively snack. Pick at whatever I can find. I’m not even hungry, I don’t know why I do it. But I think it has to stop. So I’ll work on that and see how I go, I guess!

3 thoughts on “Fitting up

  1. wartica says:

    It’s all about making that first step to a better, and healthier, life, and you’ve done that by hitting the gym; keep moving forward:))

  2. tattoomummy says:

    Try drinking a sweet flavoured green tea in the evenings instead. Or even a tea that’s not green. The Red Sparrow Tea Company make a great forest berries one and then you FEEL like you’re eating something but you’re not 😉

    (it’s what I do)

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