The sweetest thing

As I mentioned in my last post, my parents took Elspeth away with them on Thursday. This has given Aidan and I a little bit of peace and quiet and relaxation. However, there has also been another unforeseen consequence of the absence of Elspeth.

Evelyn, deprived for the first time of her older sister, has become a completely different child. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with her normally, but now she is showing so much more confidence, she is less needy and clingy, she smiles and laughs and plays more, and is just the sweetest thing!

Under normal circumstances, Evelyn is a very mummy-centric child. If I’m around, she generally just wants me to hold her. Now, though, she is equally happy to be with her daddy or to play alone. It’s as though she sought me out to escape the overwhelming presence of a three year old, and now the house is hers to explore and enjoy.

It might be my imagination, but I think she’s talking more too – well, babbling. Making a greater variety of sounds, and making them more frequently. There is space for her voice!

Elspeth returns tomorrow, and I hope Evelyn is able to retain this new-found confidence in herself and her place in the household.


4 thoughts on “The sweetest thing

  1. Congratueffinglations… YOU are now fully qualified for middle management. No, really, I mean it.

  2. No insult at all, it’s just what happens in offices around the country every day… so it seems to me.

  3. pontificators says:

    see what happens when an alpha is removed. I’ll be interested to read what happens when number one returns to restore the pecking order. LOL good Luck!!!

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