The world is endlessly fascinating

factsThose who know me may know that I find a great many things very interesting. It’s why I’ve put off study for so long; how could I choose a degree, when so much is so fascinating? And it’s why I went for an Arts degree; it not only allows, but requires, a wide variety of subjects.

So, in the course of my general reading, wanderings, and study, I often come across things that make me go ‘Wow!’, and I often want to share those things with the world.

To that end, I have created a new Facebook page, Random Facts of Interest, to share all my ‘Wow’ moments! I would love you to pop over and ‘like’ it, and even share some of your own wows. Let’s all go wow together, and marvel at the world!


One thought on “The world is endlessly fascinating

  1. Hurray! It looks like I’m following you again. 🙂

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