Following instructions

You know me. You know that I’m the first to question what I hear. But in certain circumstances, you just bloody well do as you’re told.

I’ve been studying through OUA for a couple of years now, and in conversations with fellow students I’m always a bit surprised at the questions asked or the problems experienced; the huge marjority of these have been addressed in the course information or somewhere else easily accessible, but many people don’t seem to have familiarised themselves with this information.

Currently I’m doing Introductory Spanish. Very introductory. It is for absolute beginners, and the unit information tells you that if you already know any Spanish, you should contact the university to discuss whether this course is for you, or a more advanced course. But still, in Introductory Spanish, we’ve ended up with a bunch of people who have lived in Spain, studied Spanish, or have Spanish-speaking family members, and they complain that the course is so basic and they have trouble limiting themselves to the vocabulary in the textbook! Not only is this course not helpful (and even frustrating) for them; their superior knowledge of Spanish can be annoying and intimidating to the rest of us communicating with them, more often than it is helpful. They shouldn’t be in this course.

Then we’ve got a bunch of people who haven’t got the textbook yet. We’re three weeks into the unit. Textbook information has been available for months. Seriously. A long time. You can’t do this unit without the textbook, it just doesn’t make sense. Organise yourself! Get ready! Have the materials you need by the time you know you’re going to need them.

Then you’ve got people who apparently simply can’t read. When you log into the unit on the website, in big text right up the top it says, ‘This unit is optimised for Firefox; DO NOT USE CHROME.’ So tell me why I’ve just been reading somebody’s complaints about the quiz not working in Chrome and how they’ve probably failed it?

I just get so frustrated at people sometimes. All the information needed is there, and people just ignore it. And this is university; presumably they’re not doing this because they want to fail. If you want to pass, you need to know what you’re doing, or what you’re meant to be doing. I think possibly the most frustrating thing is that I end up answering so many questions, and I feel like I’m coming across as a smug smarty-pants. I ONLY KNOW THE ANSWERS BECAUSE I READ THE COURSE MATERIAL THAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU TOO!!! I am not magically more knowledgeable; I just did my fucking research.


What do you think?

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