All alone

I am, for the purposes of this post, going to separate all thought processes and knowlege into two groups: empirical, and emotional.

I do my best, always, to act empirically. I try to behave in a logical, rational way, and to explain things in those terms. Obviously there are times when I am overcome by emotion. That’s ok, I’m happy to accept that, I am human and we have emotions for a reason. I have no desire to be inhuman, subhuman, or superhuman. I just like to think about things.

But I often feel very alone. I see a great deal of evidence that a great deal of people think and behave emotionally a great deal of the time. It means that in any discussion, I present logic against illogic, and the weight of numbers is against me.

It’s quite depressing – there, you see, emotion. It does bother me. Not only that people don’t seem to be thinking, but also the certain knowledge that even close friends sometimes fail to understand me. It’s isolating, and I sometimes wish I could turn it off. But that is just how I work.


What do you think?

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