Calling it wrong just isn’t right!

I’m beginning to get a bit annoyed at people presenting ‘It’s wrong’ as a valid argument or reason not to do something. I could cope with ‘It’s illegal,’ or ‘It goes against my moral code.’ But saying ‘wrong’ is just wrong!

Morals, ideas of right and wrong, are subjective. We tend to take our ethics from the people around us: family, school, church, wider society. We do not all have the same beliefs about what constitutes acceptable behaviour.

Sometimes when I say this, people think I am trying to excuse certain behaviour, sympathising with a perpetrator of a crime or questionable act. That is not the case at all. I do have my ideas of wrong and right, and they are generally in line with the majority: one shouldn’t steal, lie, kill, and so on. But I do not think it is a bad thing to acknowledge that different people feel differently. I don’t have to like it, or agree with it, but I’ve got to admit it.


2 thoughts on “Calling it wrong just isn’t right!

  1. Kez says:

    Agreed. “It’s wrong” is not a good enough argument on its own either. You need to offer something to a discussion, not just use those two words and stand there pouting!

  2. pontificators says:

    I’ll agree to a point. Saying something is ‘wrong’, basically means that the person using the word either can’t explain their reasoning for disagreeing or don’t want to explain their reasoning. It really is meant to be a conversation ender. “What you are doing is wrong!” … It is a pontification, “my opinion on this matter is final”.
    sometimes though … I think it is appropriate. When I talk to a group of young mothers, I say to them; “Dressing your two year old daughter in a short skirt and a mid-riff top is wrong!” I go into an explaination, but I guess I am stating my considered opinion that this action is unacceptable … It is wrong.
    So there is my two cents!
    Love your blog.

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