Missing daddy

Evie: Where’s daddy?
Me: He’s at work.
Evie: At work again?
Ellie: He’s always going to work. I miss him.
Me: I miss him too.
Evie: I miss him three.

2 thoughts on “Missing daddy

  1. KezUnprepared says:

    So cute. I have explained the going to work thing to the Little Mister and now I get told by him each week day morning that Daddy has gone to work in his blue car.
    “Daddy work blue car”.
    He has no real concept of what or where ‘work’ is, but it reassures him haha.

    • stace8383 says:

      Aidan took Ellie to work one day, but I think all she remembers about it is seeing some dogs. Anyway, he’s moved office since then! She probably thinks daddy plays with dogs and eats ice cream all day.

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