Sally Ride

For quite some time now Elspeth has been telling me she wants to be an astronaut. She wants to know what it’s like in space. Every┬átime we take a bus she sits up the front, calls out a countdown followed by “Blast off!”, and says we’re going to the moon.

ManVFoodSeason1Evelyn has yet to reach a point where “What do you want to be when you grow up?” makes any sense to her. However, based on her behaviour and preferences, she’s a foodie for sure! She will happily sit and watch Man V. Food with her daddy, she loves helping us cook at home, and she eats just about anything including olives and fetta and other “smelly foods”.

Despite their young ages, I think that a child’s interests should be taken seriously and encouraged. Even though I know they will probably change their minds a thousand times, there is no reason to disregard a current aspiration. Evelyn is easy; we just have to keep exposing her to good foods and letting her help, and she will gain the skills and knowledge to stand her in good stead. Elspeth might be a bit harder; whilst I can read her books about space until the cows come home, I haven’t got the faintest clue how one actually becomes an astronaut!

It’s a good thing they’ve got plenty of time.