Simple devilled eggs

I’ve been in an eggy sort of mood lately. I just like eggs. So when I kept stumbling across recipes for devilled eggs, which I’d never tried, they certainly made my mouth water. But they all seemed to call for mustard, which I don’t have in the house and forgot to buy last night! So I made my own really easy and yummy variation.


3 eggs

2 teaspoons mayonaise

2 teaspoons tomato sauce

a sprinkling of chili powder


Boil the eggs for thirteen minutes. Then rinse in cold water until they’re cool enough to handle comfortably.

Peel eggs – this can be done easily by tapping all over each egg with the back of a spoon, crumbling the shell, so it pulls away nicely.

Cut eggs in half lengthways, and scoop out the yolk of each egg.

Mash the yolk in a bowl along with the mayo, sauce, and chili.

Pop a spoonful of this mixture back into the hollow of each egg left by the yolk.

Season with salt and/or pepper to taste.