A relieving anti-climax

People with long memories will recall that a couple of healthcare professionals have pointed out Evelyn’s small anterior fontanelle with some concern. Today, at last, we saw a paediatrician about it. She was a very nice lady, very friendly and competent, and inspired far more confidence than our regular GP. And she says she has no concerns at all about Evelyn’s fontanelle or her development in general. Everything is fine.

I know I’ve been Little Miss No-Blog lately; I’ve been quite busy and tired, what with the two kids and uni, but I promise I’ll be better.

One thing I do want to note excitedly is that I got my DLSR camera for my birthday! A Pentax K-r. Very happy.


Child health nurse: That small fontanelle will need to get checked out, I think they usually do an ultrasound. Talk to your GP about it.

GP: Yes, we can organise an ultrasound, no worries. Here’s a referral.

Radiologist at hospital: An ultrasound is pointless, we won’t learn anything from it, we’re not going to do it. Talk to a paediatrician.


So now I need to find a paediatrician.

Does a small head make one modest?

Shortly after Evelyn’s birth, we were told by the hospital paediatrician that she had a small anterior fontantelle. This, apparently, was nothing to be overly worried about, but we should keep an eye on it. Accordingly, it has been checked by her child health  nurse at each appointment.

On Wednesday, at her four-month check-up, the nurse mentioned that the fontanelle is now worryingly small and we need to get an ultrasound to have it checked out.

The anterior fontantelle is one of many soft spots in a baby’s skull which exist to allow the skull to grow and expand. If the spot is too small, the concern is that it may be closing, or ‘fusing’, too early. If that happened, the skull may not grow, and therefore of course the brain could  not grow.

I’ve been assured that the chances of this small fontanelle really being a big problem are really very small. But it does need to be checked, just in case. So I now have a referral from my GP to get an ultrasound, and the results of that will determine our next course of action. I’ll keep you updated!