Today’s grammatical rant: ‘would have’

A friend just brought to my attention the prevalence of the phrase ‘would have’ where ‘had’ would be more appropriate.¬†


You mean ‘…if I had not joined…’


You mean ‘Wish I had joined…’

To say you ‘would have’ done something in the past expresses an action you might have taken if, for instance, your circumstances had been different or if additional information had been available. It should be preceded or followed by that information, for example, ‘If I hadn’t been so lazy I would have joined track when I was a freshman.’ The sentence in the image above is basically saying ‘I wish that I’d regretted (for no known reason) not joining track when I was a freshman.’

I sometimes remember punctuation…

A comment copied & pasted from a article about fat children:

Bah fast foods, fizzy drinks and sweets are not to be blamed here they are what make you fat but its the parents that implement this lifestyle onto their children. how bout we deal with the bad parenting epidemic first and watch this so call obesity crisis drop ten fold? All the parents have to do is tell their child no you will eat what i cook or how about actually cooking for your child? instead they are to lazy so they cycle threw the fast food chains and microwave pizzas on a regular basis, how about child services steps in and takes the kids away from these parents this is a form on negelect if the childs health is in so much danger than these parents should no longer be allowed to care for their kids, some people are just to stupid to be parents