Stop growing up!

Elspeth is now officially enrolled in kindergarten for next year. What?! How did this happen? Surely just yesterday she was a baby! I’ve been in denial about this for a while; in fact I submitted her application for kinder several months late rather than face up to it! 

I’m going to have to start looking at schools soon too! Friends with children of similar ages are already thinking about that. I wanted to homeschool my girls, but I don’t think that’s going to be feasible, at least not immediately. I will have to entrust them to the public schooling system, although I do so with great apprehension! 

I wish she’d stop getting older… 


Flower Queen

Flower Queen

I’m a full-fledged suburban housewife

Being a warm sunny morning, I took the kids out into the front yard to play this morning. I sat there on the step, half dressed (although fully decent), with messed up hair, watching the children play and waving to neighbours strolling past. A couple of the more familiar faces called a greeting or even paused for a moment to exchange pleasantries over the gate.

In stark contrast to the pedestrians, a rather fancy-looking car drove down the street looking completely out of place. As it passed, the four suited men inside caught my eye. I was ready with a friendly smile, but they looked at me as though I were an alien.

And it struck me suddenly that I was. Even the me of five years ago wouldn’t recognise the me of now! Five years ago, I dressed nicely and went off to work each day. I even wore suits for some jobs. If that me had driven past this me, she would have been perhaps a little pitiful and a little scornful. Imagine that, not only stuck home with the brats, but not even getting dressed properly before coming out into full view of the street! (I should mention here that the lady two doors down regularly sits in her front yard in her pyjamas; this is normal.)

It occurred to me how much I have changed, how little I expected such a change, and how much I actually like it. I had sort of assumed that me as a parent would still be, mostly, me. I didn’t even contemplate the ramifications of entering a whole new stereotype. I am now a woman who wears a tracksuit to take two kids to a shopping centre. And, oddly, I’m comfortable with that… for now!

Making demands

Everybody wants things. That’s normal. I want some peace and quiet to finish a cup of tea before it goes stone cold. I know I’ve got two chances: Buckley’s, and none!

But some people seem to want things even more unreasonable than a hot cup of tea. More than want: demand, and expect.

A sentiment I have seen recently expressed several times is that banks are evil. Banks are evil because they won’t give large loans to people on limited incomes. Banks are evil because they don’t help out parents. Banks are evil because they charge interest and impose fees. Banks are evil because… well, because they make sound business decisions in a capitalist society, apparently.

I boggle at the notion that a business should be required to be charitable just because somebody feels themselves to be deserving. You might be Mother Of The Year with nine officially gifted children, but if you’re living on Centrelink payments I don’t see why a bank should trust you with their money.

The world does not operate in a way which is fair or right or just. I believe that anybody over the age of sixteen should be able to grasp that. You might not like it, and yes you’ve got a right to complain or – even better – to try to change things. But I’ll tell you this for free: you’ll never get anything just because you want it.