1 Samuel

As part of my studies on the early history of Israel, obviously I have to read a fair bit of the old testament. Most of it I can make some kind of sense out of, or at least see why it doesn’t make any. But the book 1 Samuel has me stumped.
So Yaweh has basically created two kings at the same time: Saul, currently in power; and David, who is to come after. But he forgot to tell Saul about David, oops.
So anyway, Saul is all like, ‘Hey, I like this David chap, he plays cool music. Sweet.’ But then he’s like, ‘Noooo, David must die! And also he’s boning my son!’ And then he’s like, ‘Ooohhhh, you’re the next king? Well alright then, if you’re cool with Yaweh you’re cool with me.’ But then, if I read it right, David has to flee to the Philistines, which must mean Saul wants him dead again. Or something. Did I miss a few pages??
This is the least coherent narrative I’ve read since ‘The Ill-made Mute,’ and that is saying a lot. I know I’m going to need to re-read the whole thing, the mere thought of which just about makes my head explode. And I haven’t even started on 2 Samuel yet!