Day 10

Day ten. Still no murderous rampage. Sufficient sleep is being obtained by plonking children in front of the TV and going back to bed when required. Outdoor activity is facilitated by lovely weather. Sanity being maintained just barely.

Yes, I’m single mumming it right now. Aidan is away for a month. I’m not sure if I’m meant to say why or where, but be assured it’s not because of any personal issues or anything!

In his absence, a great many friends of mine and colleagues of his are offering assistance if I need it; people have offered to bring me groceries (because I don’t drive), or look after the kids (so I can study), and some have already brought me food. I’m realising how fortunate I am to have people willing to do these things for me, even though I will probably never need to accept most of those offers.

I sort of want to write nice personal letters to all the real single mums out there congratulating them and asking for tips.

Anyway, I haven’t gone totally mental yet. It’s all good.