A little bit of Evie

Evelyn is nearly eleven months old now. I can’t believe it, that’s nearly a year! So here’s an update of how she is growing.

She is a champion speed-crawler, I am always amazed at how fast she goes. She’s also cruising around very effectively on her feet, using furniture and walls and people and whatever else she can reach. She’s got a walker – an upright toy with wheels and a handle – and she races around the house behind that. She’s pictured here pushing Elspeth around.

Evelyn is also beginning to sleep really well. I’ve got her down to one nap during the day, and that has helped her sleep through the night. We haven’t had a ridiculous o’clock wake up for about a week now, so I’m confident in saying that’s it.

She is still eating wonderfully. She eats anything, everything – except egg. She only has two teeth, but it’s amazing what she can do with them! She was managing big chunks of coconut last night.

She is also becoming really communicative; even though her vocalisations are still mostly ‘ba’ and ‘ga’ and ‘da’ and so on, she can make it very clear when she wants something. For instance, she points at food she wants. She headbutts me in the mouth when she wants a kiss. She screams when she wants attention – but stops and entertains herself if I ignore her!

She and Elspeth are getting much better at playing together. I hear more laughs than screams now as they frolic. I still think Elspeth is too rough with her, but as long as Evelyn is laughing, I figure she doesn’t mind.

All in all, I’m pleased with how she’s going. I think she’s going to be another smart cookie, like her big sister, so I’m in for a hell of a time when she starts talking!

Spoke too soon

It was only yesterday I blogged about sleep, and how good Evelyn has been to me of late. Sleeping all night, sleeping later in the morning, just generally being Little Miss Sunshine.

I’m pretty sure she read that post, and decided she was being too easy on me.

Last night she was restless, unsettled, and woke up at ridiculous times. From 4am onwards Aidan and I took turns holding her, walking her around the house, trying to get her back to sleep by any means possible. By 6am, it seemed she felt it was morning, time to get up properly.

Fortunately for me, Aidan isn’t working today, so I brutally forced him to get out of bed, while I stayed in the warm cocoon of my doona for another couple of hours!


For the last week or so, Evelyn has been sleeping through the night without making a peep. Hooray! However she has also been waking up at 5.45am, which I regard as still blackest night, a totally unacceptable time to get up!

So last night I tried something different.

Rather than put her to bed at 7.30 and leave her there until morning, I actually got her up at around 10pm, for an hour or so. I fed her and changed her during that hour, then put her back to bed.

And this morning she slept that extra hour, until 6.45.

Success! Triumph! Whilst I don’t think it’s officially morning until 7am, I think this was close enough.

My morning so far

I’m going to start at midnight. It is, technically, the start of the morning, and it is when Aidan and I went to bed after watching the last of Dexter season 5.

Sleep came slowly, and was interrupted at about 1.30am when Evelyn woke up hungry. So I fed her, being careful to burp her frequently (she had a bit of trouble with gas yesterday), and then went back to sleep as soon as she did.

She woke up hungry again at 5.30, as expected, but this time I prodded Aidan and got him to feed her. It was cold out of bed, I didn’t want to get up! However, warmth was all I got; despite being in bed I didn’t sleep while Evelyn was awake.

At around the same time, Elspeth decided it was time to get up. Properly up, fully awake, wanting play time and books. No snuggles in bed this morning, no snoozing till 7. Aidan and I were both up, but he looked more sleepy than me so I sent him back to bed and have stayed up with Elspeth ever since.

It’s now nearly 8am, and I still feel like it’s the middle of the night. I think I will be trying for a nap later!

A week in

Gas facesEvelyn is one week old today, and so far all is going quite well! We did have a rough night last night, but that was mostly due to Elspeth waking up and being a pain – you know, the older child who is meant to be well-behaved! Ha. The little one still slept reasonably well.

Evelyn is on expressed breastmilk for now; initially because she had trouble latching on to the breast. However, I’m quite happy to keep things this way for now; I obsess a bit over how much she eats (not controlling or limiting it, just knowing¬†it), and sadly boobs don’t have¬†millilitres marked on them! A tragic design flaw.

Besides that, everything is fine. No sign of jaundice like her sister, which is great. I’m feeling really good, both mentally and physically – no baby blues, no PPD (so far), and I’ve been getting out and about and active.

Elspeth seems to be adjusting quite well to having a baby sister. She is still showing very few signs of jealousy or resentment, and she is happy to kiss the baby and try to play with her without being prompted. Aidan and I are both making a big effort to ensure Elspeth still feels loved and special, and to spend time with her, and I think that helps.

So basically, a week in, we’re all happy families. No worries!

Can you choose?

I had a dreadful night’s sleep last night. I was ill, my stomach churning, the baby kicking, I don’t think I ever slept deeply and I was wide awake every hour or so checking the time. As a result, of course, I’m quite tired today.

I deal with toddler stuff, including tantrums, quite well when I’m not tired. It’s like water off a duck’s back. What do I care if she screams and cries? My foot remains down, my decision made.

But when I’m tired, sometimes, it all just seems too much. Why must I listen to this drivel? Why won’t she just take a nap? I want a nap, why doesn’t she?

It is tempting, right now, as I listen to her cry from the next room, to break down into tears. It might be nice. It might make me feel better, at least temporarily. But heck, crying involves so much cleaning up, all that water and snot, blowing the nose, and trying to keep it all off the keyboard… it might actually be easier to adopt my usual who-cares attitude.

It’s times like this that I realise life is really what you make it, what you choose. I could choose to be a drama queen and break down, but ultimately I chose to be a mother, so here I am typing serenely.

But I still wish she’d shut the hell up and sleep!